Legal requirements for sponsoring a virtual event from the CFA Institute. 3.SPONSOR CANCELLATION: If the sponsor wishes to terminate this contract, the sponsor can only do so by reporting it to the event with proof of receipt. In this case, the promoter is responsible for the following cancellation fees: 50% of the total cost of the sponsor`s participation if the cancellation is effective up to 3 months before the date of the event specified in the contract; and 100% of the total cost of the sponsor`s participation if such a cancellation takes effect within 3 months of the date of the event on the contract. The cancellation fee must be received at the event within 15 days of Derstorin. The effective date of the cancellation is the date on which the event actually receives the sponsor`s written notification, as noted above. The sponsor considers that these cancellation fees are considered a valid pre-estimate of the damage suffered by the event and cannot be determined accurately, have been included in this contract and are considered liquidated and are considered to be agreed damages caused by the termination of the sponsor, and is not a penalty. The subsequent reassignment of the terminated sponsorship has no impact on this cancellation assessment. «Managed Virtual Event» refers to any customer event for which Arkadin manages logistics, including preparing the event in advance and providing live services and post-event events. Managed virtual events include audio events, web events, video events, video management services, webcasts and virtual shows. 11.7 The customer agrees that the access-to-demand period for a virtual event run during the subscription period will end at the end of the subscription period. In the event that the customer exceeds the number of Elite webcasts purchased during the duration of their contract, the overuse will be charged to the customer at the event price.

All additional services, additional elite webcasts, minutes, users, access to demand are billed monthly by price list. Under no circumstances will SUBTA be liable to the exhibitor, advertiser or sponsor, whether contractual or not, an amount that exceeds all amounts paid by the issuer, advertiser or sponsor under this contract. Under no circumstances will SUBTA, whether contractual or unauthorized, be held liable for indirect damages, follow-up, example, penalties or subsidies, including, but not limited, loss of profits. 4.3 If MbD is prevented from fulfilling its obligations regarding the virtual event for which you have registered a cause beyond your control, or if such a virtual event cannot be performed virtually because of software or a problem with the hosting platform, or because of acts of God, strikes, labour disputes, administrative requirements, restrictions or wars or acts of war. , terrorism, disaster, civil disorder, epidemic or pandemic, limitation or limitation of transport facilities or any other disaster, victim or comparable state (together a «force majeure») MbD has the right to immediately end the virtual event concerned without any responsibility and is removed from its obligations to the registrant. If the virtual event is completed due to a force majeure event before the first day of the virtual event, MbD will re-program the relevant virtual event and your registration fee will be applied to the newly planned virtual event. 2.PAYMENT: The sponsor pays the sponsorship fee to the event within 30 days of signing the contract. An invoice will be sent to you. All prices are net and not available. All payments payable in U.S. funds. After the contract is signed, the sponsorship applies.

If the sponsor does not provide the required payment on time, Event may terminate this contract and the sponsor`s participation in the event without further announcement and without the obligation to repay the funds previously paid.