John is a Director at Redstone Government Consulting, Inc., which provides our clients with public procurement advisory services that primarily concern DFARS commercial systems, CAS disclosure statements and DCAA/DCMA compliance preparation, advice and advocacy. Prior to joining Redstone Government Consulting, John worked for more than 30 years in various positions at DCAA/DCMA. After his retirement, he was Director of Corporate Audit in Texas as a Corporate Audit Director for DCAA and led 300 auditors in one of the largest DOD programs. Professional experience John began his career in the late 1980s at Clearwater, FL Audit Office and over the next three decades, he has progressed through a number of positions within both DCAA and DCMA with career strengths as DCAA Program Manager at Ft. Belvoir, Head of the Technical Programs Division, Deputy Assistant Director-Policy, Director of the DCMA Cost and Pricing Center, the SES-leveled Lockhe Martin Corporate Audit Director, and Director of Integrity Quality. John`s three decades of experience in the execution and management of DCAA auditors and DCMA auditors offer our clients a wealth of know-how. John`s role, not only in conducting audits, but also in developing audit policy, gives him a unique insight into defending audit results and linking the audit program steps to the underlying regulatory framework. He is an expert for far, DFARS and other agencies, as well as a specialist in cost accounting standards, having reviewed and provided feedback during his tenure at the DCAA on many of the most complex and complex cost accounting practices. John`s tenure at the DCAA and DCMA came at a critical time in each agency`s history, where a number of changes took place, such as the response to the delay of the ICS, the development of audit approaches for DFARS business systems, and the implementation of new audit initiatives following the supervision of the congress by the NDAA process. John`s leadership at the DCMA Cost – Pricing Center has seen the supervision of all major DOD pricing measures, the management of themed audit teams, the pricing trade group and many other areas of strategic value for our clients. His involvement in these and other Agency initiatives is of great value to our clients, as he understands the internal policies of DCAA and DCMA. Education John has a Master of Business Administration and a B.A. in Accounting from the University of South Florida.

Certifications The auditor of the certified information system The key here when providing this analysis for the ACO, or the cost monitor, and the listener. It will also help support the requirements of the ACO, monitor and monitor the FPRA, and put all parties on an equal footing to determine whether the FPRA is current, accurate and comprehensive. 15.407-3 Forward Pricing Rate Agreements (a) When cost or price data are required, suppliers are required to describe all early price agreements (TVs) in each specific price proposal for which the tariffs apply and to identify the latest cost or price data already submitted under the agreement. All data submitted under the agreement, updated if necessary, is part of the aggregated data that the supplier certifies as correct, complete and current at the time of agreement on the price of an initial contract or for a modification of the contract. A Advance Price Rate Agreement (FPRA) is a contract between a government agency and a contractor that sets certain rates for a specified period of time. These rates are cost projections that are difficult to quantify and used for price contracts and contract modifications. A contractor should submit an annually proposal for the FPRA. These agreements should also specify the period for which the rate is good.